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Why is Energy Clearing important ?

Clearing is healing.

We cleanse our internal and environmental space when the energy is stuck with obstacles impeding us from moving forward in life. Internal space is our mind, psyche or spirit. Environment is where we spend our physical time, such as home or offices. When we clear or cleanse the spaces, we are replacing undesirable negative energy with desirable good “Qi” energy.


According to Chinese astrology, September 29th is an auspicious date (9 -2 -9) to perform this ritual. The first 9 stands for Heaven. The last 9 stands for Earth. The middle 2 stands for a perfect balance of mankind. This date is the best time for man to be in harmony with nature.


What to expect from energy clearings?

You will feel lighter, happier, and clearer. You will experience a profound energy shift.

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