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Mei Jin Lu, PhD., is a direct descendant of the Taoist master Lu Dongbin, as well as the 25th generation lineage holder of the Quanzhen sect.

She is the creator of the Wisdom of Tao oracle cards, inventing a system that has not existed in the world. Taoism is generally considered esoteric and ancient. Its philosophy and wisdom are not easily accessible. Using her lifelong training as a Taoist practitioner, master, and counselor, Mei Jin has used her experience to create oracle cards that anyone can use, and even master. She is dedicated to continue to teach others how to help themselves through these cards.


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She offers consulting services, including spiritual check-ups, Feng Shui improvements, past life regressions, and other spiritually guided help.

About Taoism

Taoism, or Daoism as it is also spelled, is an ancient practice of 'the Way' in China,
originated long before but was known most to be introduced by Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching.
A spiritual practice and not an organized religion, Taoism emphasizes harmony with nature, the practice of wisdom and understanding the natural pathways in life, and later on, internal alchemy for health and longevity. The early Taoist masters such as Chuang Tzu counseled emperors and rulers and prayed and practiced divination, while subsequent Taoist masters lived deep in mountains and practice the immortality arts and mingled less with people. Today, Taoist temples and monastics mainly live in mountains such as Taishan, Zhongnan Shan, or Lu Shan.

About Quanzhen Sect of Taoism  全眞

The Quanzhen School is a branch of Taoism that originated in Northern China under the Jin dynasty (1115–1234). The founder was the Taoist Wang Chongyang, who met the famous Taoist immortal Lü Dongbin, who taught him Taoist beliefs and trained him in secret rituals. He was given a set of five written instructions which led to his practicing in the Zhongnan Mountain for seven years. Eventually, Wang met his seven future disciples, Tan Chuduan and Qiu Chuji. These and others would become part of the seven Quanzhen disciples, who were later known as the Seven Masters of Quanzhen.
The Quanzhen sect emphasizes both internal and external breathing exercises known as internal alchemy, amongst other Taoist practices for harmony with nature. The Seven Masters were also known to counsel rulers such as Genghis Khan in attempts to bring peace and reduce warfare.

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