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Energy Clearance Ceremony Preparation

Please get ready to prepare for the Energy Clearance Ceremony (also called Release Ceremony):

  • It is important to do some cleaning prior to the release ceremony.  It can be a physical cleaning and/or de-cluttering to get rid of some associated energy, which reminds you of any unpleasant situations or emotions. This is to prepare to have an effective release process on Sunday, September 29th.

  • Find a quiet place to sit and ask yourself, "What has prevented me from moving forward with my purpose and dream?" You may know right away, or it may take a few times to identify. On Sunday, September 29th, during the ceremony, I will guide you to deepen your awareness and help you to recognize what has been blocking you...

  • Sometimes, an object may invoke an unwanted energy easier than you can visualize. Bring the object to the ceremony. Although it is dramatic and powerful to throw the object which contains the unwanted energy away, it is equally efficient to write these things down on the paper. We will destroy the paper during the ceremony. You will be handed a special piece of paper at the door for this purpose. You can do both as you wish.

  • Be focused and mindful. It is a powerful awareness through which you will get closer to your inner spirt and tap deeper into your higher self. You will notice a profound shift after the releasing.

  • Mei Jin will show you, and perhaps some of you will do it with her, how to cleanse your physical space, remove your mental blockage and get rid of any native entity debris. Sound, Light, Fire and some sacred ancient Taoist ritual will be featured in this clearance event.
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