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What's covered in the Event?

1. A group reading/message to give you the Year of the Tiger advice and guidance using your personal astrological elements.  If you would like to participate you can provide your birthday information on the secure registration page. 

2. An ancient I-Ching Oracle reading to present an overview forecast for the Year of the Tiger, focusing on the wisdom and strategies for moving forward in this special time.

3. Important Feng Shui do's & don'ts for the year of the Tiger, which include Feng Shui for your home, and career as well as your personal Feng Shui.

4. Guided meditation: a New Year ritual to bring you peace, harmony and abundance for the year of the Tiger, 2022.

What do you need to prepare?

1. Clean your space before February 1st, if possible. Wearing something red on the day of the event is recommended, but optional.


2. A red envelop: any size, any kind. If you don't have one, have a piece of red paper ready to be used in the New Year celebration ritual.

3. A  candle with a lid. For those who did the 2022 Manifestation event with me, please use the same candle.

4. A computer or cell phone to access the Zoom platform. The zoom link will be sent two days before and one day before February 6th. The event will be recorded. The recording link will also be sent to you after the class for those of you who can only participate offline.

Note: make sure your Zoom app is up to date.

No upcoming events at the moment
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