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Jan 21, 2023, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
Zoom Event

Please identify your birth element using the birthday charts below. The element is associated with your astrological zodiac animal sign. For example, if you were born in the year of OX, your element is EARTH. 

What's covered in this Virtual Event?

1. An astrological 2023 overview to give you the insights and guidance of the characteristics of Year of the Rabbit. Show you how to maximize the power of WOOD ELEMENT with the energy of RABBIT and other associated ELEMENTS. (The Zodiac RABBIT is WOOD energy.) Advise you on how to take advantage of your own astrological element to succeed in 2023.

2. A presentation of an ancient I-Ching Oracle reading, done ahead of time, to provide a forecast for Year of the Rabbit, focusing on the wisdom and strategies for moving forward in this special time.

3. A detailed explanation on how to choose the best dates to manifest your important tasks from 2023 GOAL MANIFESTATION lunar calendar. If you need a copy of the calendar, you can click on this link.

Mei Jin will explain the selection process in the "12-day" energy cycle for harmonious personal/family/business activities; how to efficiently use the great "daily" energy of the Power Zodiac and Lucky Zodiac; what are the Solar Terms, and how can they assist you to reach your goal.

4. Important Feng Shui and Astrology do's & don'ts for the year of the Rabbit, which include Feng Shui for your home, career, as well as your personal Feng Shui, focusing on the positive/negative interactions among FIVE-ELEMENTS.

2023 is the end of a 20-year universal Feng Shui cycle or "period". 2004 -2023 is Feng Shui period 8, EARTH element. 2024 - 2043 is Feng Shui period 9 - FIRE element.

5. Release ceremony: a New Year ritual to rid ALL unwanted energies and bad luck, to bring you peace, harmony and abundance for the year of the Rabbit, 2023.

What do you need to do to prepare?


1. Clean your space before the event, if possible. This could be your physical, mental or emotional space.

2. Find your Chinese Astrology Zodiac sign with its Element on the charts provided above. For Dragon, the element is EARTH. Other examples: Horse is FIRE, Pig is WATER, Monkey is METAL, etc. You can easily find both in the above charts. 


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Feng Shui Direction Map Final.jpg

You can use the following 2 images to prepare.

Homework Guide 9 squares.jpg
Homework Guide Direction.jpg

Again, please correlate the direction sectors of your home with the following guide map. If you don't have time to locate  all 9 sectors, just find the important ones. For example, South, Southwest, West, North and Center are all auspicious sectors. Even more critically, locate the Northwest sector to balance the negative energy there.

Feng Shui Direction Map2 Final.jpg

4. A computer or cell phone to access the Zoom platform. The zoom link will be sent two days before and one day before January 21st. The event will be recorded. The recording link will also be sent to you after the class for those of you who can only participate offline.

5. The fee for this event is $42.

Note: make sure your Zoom app is up to date.

Jan 21, 2023, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
Zoom Event
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