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Services and Descriptions


Medium Consultation Sessions (75-90 minutes)


$225 Phone Consultation

$600 in office

$750 at client site (within one hour of travel)


There is no set format for the medium consultation sessions - clients may come in with a set of concrete questions they want answers to, or present a concept, a challenge, or describe an occurrence they need to find answers to. During the sessions, Meijin will assess and read the energy of the person, and connect to bring forth guidance or messages for the client.

This is not a psychic session or a fortune teller consultation. Meijin taps into your higher spirit to understand the root of the problem or situation, and bring forth higher level guidance, from realms higher than psychic realms, to expose the issues and receive the messages of what strategies to employ in order to overcome the obstacles. During these sessions, a spiritual guide, a loved one, or a high soul teacher will come forth to provide a message. Medium messages focus on healing, closure, and life lessons. 

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and business folks come in with business ideas or product development questions, and Meijin can help adjust the strength of the energy, advise on the timing of the product, etc. This is not fortune telling, but based on the astrological auspiciousness and the life purpose of the person to optimize timing for success. Companies going public, strategies for dealing with competition, personnel hires, are all part of these consultations.

Clients will often feel the guidance of truth and walk away feeling that they have received the correct answers to their queries.

Other areas often consulted upon: Health, stuck energy, uncertain issues from the past to be uncovered for healing.


Past Life Regression (3 hours+)

$385 in office only


Regression sessions help clients release past life karma, recognize the link and purpose of being here, to understand the challenges with people and treat the situations better. 

The process is as follows: clients are first briefed about the process. They will be then hypnotized, and guided through one lifetime after another. Once they are woken up, they will have seen what Meijin saw, and she will go over them with the client. She will provide suggestions on how to heal past traumas and heal them. Usually, the initial briefing takes 1 hour, 1 to 1.5 hours during hypnotized state, and 1 hour to analyze what was seen.


Folks who typically need past life regression are those who experience addiction, weight issues, emotions like paranoia, pain and illnesses not detected by medical facilities, or simply, those who want to learn more about what past life karmas shaped who they are today.


Fengshui Consultations


  1. Personal space/homes  ($600 to $800)

  2. Small businesses/Sole Proprietors with one location or storefront   ($1200)

  3. Medium to large companies ($3000 +), estimate will be provided once the location is visited


All on site consultations include two visits, the first to analyze and make recommendations,

the second to see completion and blessing.


Must be within 1 hour of travel from Meijin’s office (longer distances additional fees)


Personal space and homes are often consulted for fengshui to improve the energy of the house, help sell the property, or enhance energy flow for the dwellers’ health and prosperity. Space clearance and blessing of the space are rituals that Taoists often employ and are common practices.

Most people lack an element or two in their personal astrologies, and it’s vitally important that those are supplemented in the space of their dwellings to be balanced. Sometimes the homes themselves have had previous dweller’s energies that need to be cleared, or other old, stuck energy that might affect the new dwellers unless cleared.

Sometimes properties have difficulty selling, or not fetching the right price. Fengshui re-arrangement will often help in that process.


Business locations

Often, businesses need fengshui consultations to enhance business gain, attract better talent and personnel, increase customers, etc. Sometimes businesses need to expand or re-locate, and checking on the fengshui of the new location first is really important. Similar to personal fengshui, some elements may be missing and need to be supplemented in a business, the flow and directions of furnishings providing obstruction, the direction and flow of energy is often re-adjusted to allow positive energies to come through. 



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